Area of Expertise and Production

Our company employs highly specified staff in steel building design, fabrication and erection. Director and Production Manager has been and is involved in the steel construction industry more than 20 years developing and delivering more than 500 projects.

Production management and quality management are subjected and supervised to CYS EN ISO 9001:2008 certifications by a group of certified engineers. Full fabrication drawings are produced with the help of STRUCAD V15.5.

Factory production and fabrication is supervised by skilled group of fabrication technicians and engineers that ensure the quality of work and meeting of deadlines. A personnel manager is responsible to check and employ only workers/technicians that are highly qualified in each area of expertise. Areas of expertise include steel section cutting, plate cutting (CNC KOIKE OXYGEN – PLASMA CUTTING & PATCHING MACHINE) fitting, pre- welding inspection, welding and finishing (grinding and painting). Also the loading, delivery and erection are executed with the variety of machinery that our company owns.

The factory facilities and equipment allows up to 30 welders working simultaneously; in the case of such working speed a welding inspector is present in the factory at all times.

Our company approximately can fabricate and erect up to 1500tons per month. This production estimation has been projected from the work we have done on large scale projects and the vast capacity of our factory which covers up to 33000m2. With the proper sequenced cycle of work along with specified workers, managers, supervisors and the enormous capacity of our factory we can guarantee a production of 1500tons per month.

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