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G.H.P & Sons Ltd, from its incorporation in 1992 has grown and developed under the direction of founder and Managing Director, George XadjiPanagiotou, to become an established and recognized company in all the sectors of the steel contracting industry.

Today after 21 years of experience in the steel construction industry our company has acquired the confidence, experience and integrity to contract projects ranging from 1000m2 up to 85000m2 and value up to €15m.

G.H.P & Sons Ltd has a breadth of experience encompassing all types of projects from educational and leisure facilities, industrial and commercial buildings, building refurbishment, food production and warehouses, to large scale factory developments. Each project is assessed and established from the fabrication up to the erection.

Contracts have been undertaken successfully all over the Island of Cyprus giving G.H.P & Sons a respectful and leading figure in the constructing industry. Over the years the skills and management of the company has grown and developed and our team of staff and managers has an enthusiasm, competence and commitment unequalled in the industry. Our reputation has also given us the opportunity to show our expertise in a project as far as Sweden.

Competitive tendering, professional management, quality construction, an excellent safe record, a proven ability to meet exacting programmes, and our cooperative and proactive approach, have ensured the satisfaction of both clients and Design teams in the public sector.

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